Easy online recharge of your prepaid mobile SIM card

A prepaid mobile SIM card is, as the name implies, a phone card that is paid in advance and then consumed. Such a SIM card can be purchased through various mobile service providers.  People with a bad credit history have the option of being reachable at any time via a mobile phone and also reach others, without being tied to a contract with a limited duration.

A prepaid card allows calls and text messages in exactly the same way as contract mobile phones. But the advantage is that one need not fear a huge bill at the end of the month. If the credit balance of the prepaid card is used up, it must be recharged before the next call or the next SMS. Usually the subscriber is warned several times via SMS or by automated IVR that the balance is low and he should think of recharging soon. Now all network operators offer this possibility and it various new operators have been added in recent years.

Online Recharge of prepaid mobile SIM card is now possible in many different ways.

  • Subscribers can visit the nearest supermarkets, petrol stations or kiosks to purchase top-up cards for almost all network operators.
  • A subscriber can also recharge their mobile phones online.
  •  Another option is to call a free hotline where he or she is run by a friendly automated voice through the recharge menu. Here you will be prompted to enter the recharge code and confirm the input. You will receive a confirmation SMS about the credit a few minutes later.

Prepaid mobile SIM cards have been developed to enable the common man to use a mobile phone, without having to enter into an agreement. . Initially it was impossible to get a new mobile phone without entering into lengthy contracts with the service provider. However this changed a lot over the past few years.

An if the subscriber does not pay his phone bills on time, first his SIM card will be blocked and  subsequently an entry will be made in the defaulters directory, which significantly reduces the creditworthiness of the subscriber and thus the ability to enter into new contracts. Therefore cheap prepaid mobile phone tariffs have become popular over time.

The most important difference between fixed mobile phone contracts and prepaid cards is that the prepaid card will be paid exclusively in advance, which enables significantly cheaper rates than in the case of contracts.

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